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UFC 129 Live In Play Betting

The biggest UFC event in history, UFC 129 will now also have Live Betting.  While watching UFC129,  5Dimes will offer live in play betting in between rounds on a variety of wagering options.  You can bet on distance, decision, and draw options, as well as round by round odds.  Also propositions such as TKO/KO props, submission props, and even points handicap props.

If you have never tried out Live In-Play Wagering or Live Betting before, it is a thrill.  Live betting is betting while the action is live, with odds changing as the event progresses.  Live wagering is usually more popular for other sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, or football, but as mixed martial arts continue to increase in popularity so will the sportsbooks offering live betting for mma.

Bet UFC 129 Live on 5Dimes

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